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20 Jul 2023

Do you need surgery to cure sciatica?

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Sciatica is more than just low back pain it is a condition that is characterized by pain radiating along the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body that runs from the lower back down through the hips, buttocks, and legs. 

Treatment for sciatica commonly involves a combination of medication and physical therapy. When conservative treatments fail to solve the problem, patients wonder if surgery is required to cure the problem. In this article, we will explore the role of surgery in treating sciatica and discuss the factors that determine whether and when surgery is needed.

In the case of Sciatica, Surgery is not the first line of treatment, in many cases we manage it with medication and other non-surgical approaches. However, there are instances when surgery is considered a treatment option by your spine consultant. This decision of surgery for sciatica is based on several factors. To know if in your case you need surgery for sciatica, consider getting answers to the following questions:


  1. What is the underlying cause of your sciatica pain?
    One common indication for surgery is a herniated disc that compresses the nerve. Surgical intervention may be essential to remove the herniated portion of the disc.
    Degeneration of the spine is another such condition where you might need to consider undergoing for surgery.
    To know more about the causes of Sciatica we suggest reading our interview with Dr Prasad Patgaonkar.

  2. What treatments are already tried and did they work?
    We always consider surgery as a last resort when conservative treatments have been unsuccessful in easing pain. But one thing working out for a patient might not work for others as every person experiences the pain differently. It is required to work with a qualified spine specialist who will help find out the right treatment for your condition. Our qualified and best spine specialist will do a thorough evaluation before suggesting spine surgery for sciatica.

  3. What is the severity of pain and is it affecting your daily routine?
    The severity and duration of symptoms/pain are the major things to consider going for surgery. The pain may extend all the way from the back, through the thigh to your foot. This pain can be mild and can come and go. If the pain is mild and not affecting your lifestyle, conservative treatments are tried but if the intensity of pain has started affecting your daily routine and making you discomfort in doing the simplest tasks, surgery can be suggested by your spine consultant. If your work, hobbies, social life, or relationships suffer from your being in constant pain, it is time to think about surgery.

Can surgery relieve sciatic pain?

Yes, surgery can relieve sciatic pain in certain cases. To be a potential candidate for sciatica surgery, one of the following must be met. 

  • Therapy is not helping you
  • Pain returns after a successful response from therapy
  • The condition has become more challenging or worsened

There are different surgical procedures and the right one can be best suggested by your spine specialist in India after proper evaluation and assessment of your problem. Experts at Endospine360 will assess the potential benefits and risks of surgery and will help you make an informed decision. 

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