Myths about Spine Surgery


  • 90-95% of the conditions in spine get better overtime only with conservative treatment and <10% only require some intervention in the form of either pain management or decompression or fixation/fusion surgery.
  • Timing of surgery is very important as nerve compression for long duration can cause nerve damage leading to symptoms like weakness of muscle, difficulty in walking even few steps,Gait imbalance, numbness or burning in arms/legs or loss of bladder control.
  • Once you develop these above symptoms of nerve damage, they are not reversible completely even after any kind of surgery and also take long time to  recover post operatively.
  • So when your doctors tells you for surgery, it should be planned electively within next few days as per your and doctors schedule and should not be delayed for long i.e months/ years.


Many patients delay surgery because of hearsay/myths from neighbours and friends regarding failure of surgery and chances of getting permanently bed ridden after surgery BUT

After many years of experience and treating thousands of pts with spinal issues , we can say that risk of getting bed ridden due to surgical procedure is almost negligible but fear/myth of delaying or not getting surgery done at right time can certainly bring you to bed for life.

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