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20 Feb 2024


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Endospine360 team got wonderful opportunity to present its work and made a significant impact at the recent annual conference of ASSICON 2024 held at The Westin hotel, Mumbai.

  1. “An algorithm for selecting a full endoscopic approach for symptomatic nerve root decompression” by Dr Prasad Patgaonkar : Best Published Papers Session.
  2. An interactive case on 2+ level LCS - Endoscopic Decompression by Dr. Patgaonkar : “Intraop Technical Challenges During This Endoscopic Surgery!" session.
  3. ⁠Video presentation on Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy by Dr Prasad Patgaonkar
  4. ⁠Video presentation on Percutaneous Stenoscopic Lumbar Decompression” by Dr Prasad Patgaonkar.
  5. ⁠Research paper on successful utilization of the PL-TOSP entry point in transforaminal endoscopic lumbar decompression by Dr Sagar Kokate : the Research Papers Session
  6. ⁠“an unusual complication post-open discectomy treated successfully by Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy” by Dr Sagar Kokate : Best E-Poster presentation session
  7. ⁠”Adjacent segment pain syndrome in patients with chronic lumbar spondylolysis”by Dr Sagar Kokate
  8. ⁠”Multilevel endoscopic decompression for herniation and stenosis based on the FAPDIS algorithm” by Dr. Pushkar Borole: Research Papers Session
  9. ⁠“the use of transforaminal endoscopic lavage and biopsy for spondylodiscitis” by Dr. Borole : Best E-Poster presentation session

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